Pure "C" (0.5 oz)

Pure "C" (0.5 oz)

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Biophora is a medical brand. To purchase this product, you must first receive a virtual consultation to ensure that this product is best suited and safe for your use. A 100% pure topical vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid) - a highly stable and absorbable antioxidant with a powder-like texture that dissolves instantly into compatible Biophora products.

For optimum results, BIOPHORA PURE “C” is mixed with BIOPHORA skin care products. The product comes with a tiny pharmaceutical measuring spoon. Mix 1 part BIOPHORA PURE ‘C’ to 4 parts of a compatible BIOPHORA product. Measurements can be adjusted to increase efficacy for each skin type based on personal preference. Apply at night for best results, as product may be photo- degraded with exposure to sun. It is especially recommended, for the most aggressive correction of the skin, to combine with a product having a pH of 3.5 or less, such as: BIOPHORA Bioactive Gel, AHA Active Gel or Gentle AHA Cream. For a less aggressive regime use BIOPHORA PURE ‘C’ mixed with BIOPHORA Antioxidant Moisturizer, Day Protection SPF 30 or Derma Rich Moisturizer.

100% pure topical vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

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