Due to it’s popularity as a cosmetic treatment to reduce wrinkles, Botox, is often thought of as a negative substance, even though it is naturally occurring. The best part is that Botox can be used to the degree you want. If your frown lines between your eyebrows are what bothers you the most, treat those – and leave the rest. Many women and men are happy with some lines on their faces and want to get rid of others. Botox makes that possible.

How will Botox improve my appearance?

  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles

  • Smoother looking skin

Will it hurt?

Botox is administered to the desired facial muscles with a small needle. Some people don't need any topical numbing cream, while others prefer it.

How will I look after the treatment?

You will have some small marks where the needle went in but these can be covered with make-up. There is no downtime. It is recommended that for 24 hours, you do not exercise and that you sleep with your head elevated. As the muscle relaxes, the wrinkles begin to fade. The treatment lasts 3 to 4 months.